Bronco Bulletin

April 16-20 2018

Upcoming Events

April 16 & 17 Drama Production

April 16, Gr 7-12 to the town theatre, 9:30am

April 18-19 Grade 6/7 Band Festival

April 18 Connections Afternoon

April 25th-Early Dismissal

April 25th Wellness Fair

Digital Citizenship Resources-A "Go To" List

Our students are "playing" on a digital playground and no one is on duty. This statement from Kevin Honeycutt is so true. When teaching digital citizenship, we need to know where to go for resources and lesson ideas. Below is my "Go To" list.

1. Common Sense Media (K-12)

2. STOPiT Class

3. Digital Passport (3-5)

4. Digital Compass (6-9)

5.Teaching Digital Citizenship (4-8)

6. Thinkuknow

7. Privacy Pirates

8. If You Give a Mouse an iPhone (book available on Amazon)

9 Goodnight iPad (Book available on Amazon)

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