Should kids play multiple sports

What can a kid benefit from playing multiple sport

What benefits from playing multiple sports

  • Playing multiple sports trains you to become better at it, And also helps staring other sports
  • Most people playing multiple sports are less likely to get injured or burnout
  • The people who specialize in one sport usually are the first ones to quit it
  • With history of more then one sport, more college opportunities can open up

But why kids only play one

Usually in young ages kids do actually play multiple sports, but quickly choose the one they like the most. And continue to specialize in that one sport.

Another reason is that they feel they need to play it even if they don't like it, it may be because their parents played it as kids, or all of their friends play it.


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Micheal Jordan

Most people know him for being a famous basketball player. But he does actually play two other sports. He plays baseball and golf. So if he didn't decide to specialize in basketball, he might have been a celebrity golf champion. Which shows that playing multiple sports can help you get better in any other sport you may want to play professionally

Frequently asked questions

  1. How do multiple sports help in college- Because it may help get scholarships
  2. Why does playing the same sport want to make people quit- Because it becomes a every day routine
  3. How can it help kids socially- With kids in multiple sports it builds self-esteem. And kids usually make friends with kids who are in the same sport easier, so they'd have a wider range of friends

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