Reading Efficiently and Effectively

Improving precision for college reading

Have you ever felt like you don't remember what you read?

It's as if you put forth your best effort only to realize you retained very little of what you read?

Perhaps what's been happening is that you have fallen victim to some habits and misconceptions of what it is that can make reading more efficiently and effectively.

What are some reading myths?

  • You must read the material only once and be able to retain the information in large part.
  • Reading ahead, such as the conclusion or text headings is cheating.
  • Highlighting text and rewriting it in your notes word for word is a great "active reading" habit.
  • If you speed read you will not learn the same as if you take your time.
The truth is many of the above mentioned beliefs are not only wrong but they actually get in the way from us being able to more effectively read.

What can we do to improve our reading efficiency?

The PR2 System:

Below is a simple and easy reading routine that can allow us to take on reading from a different light thus allowing us to one, be able to actually enjoy reading, and two, being able to retain more of what we read.

Is there more than one way to read effectively and efficiently?

The reading routine mentioned above is only one of a few different reading strategies that can help us when we read. Additionally there is the SQ3R method (survey,question, read,recite, and review), the S-RUN system (survey, read, underline, note taking), as well as many other systems.

They are all slight variations of the above mentioned process. The key is to identifying which one works best with your learning style as well as the type of learning that you want to retain from it.


Finally after all these tips and hopefully letting go of some myths we had about reading more efficiently and effectively: PRACTICE!

Time with consistent and purposeful practice will gradually improve your reading efficiency and effectiveness.

Here are some links that provide more information: