By: Areefa Hingora 3rd

Element Name: Areedium

Symbol: Ae

Atomic Mass: 17.056

Discoverers: Kulsoom and Kassam Hingora

Occurrence: Highly concentrated deposits located in oxygen. Extremely low quantities in Radon.

How It Looks/ Is

Surface Properties: Bright, beige colored, non-metal.

Boils when: placed in extreme temperatures. (150°F and above)

Melts if: placed in same room as any sweet.

Can cause... allergic reaction if wrapped in polyester fabric.

Specimens can be found in various states such as:

Happy when the shows Arrow, Supernatural, The Flash, Gotham, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Fire, are on TV, and sad when beloved shows are cancelled.

Becomes stubborn and unyielding when forced to do chores and highly disliked jobs.

Chemical Properties

Is repelled by: the promise of chores and work.

Is attracted to: new episodes of beloved shows.

May explode spontaneously when... phone screen cracks.

Requires copious amounts of: Courage and patience.

Is inert if: stuffed with large amounts of food.

Will repel: anything exercise related.

Is impervious to: Debby downers and haters. ; P