A Wrinkle in Time

With love and kindness


One symbolism is with the red eyed man, with his red eyes. The red eyes represent that he is evil, and possibly tricky.

Main Setting : Camazoztz

Fortinbras the dog

Fortinbras is Megs dog. But Fortinbras is also a character in the story " Hamlet." In the book Hamlet the character is a prince who goes out to fight for his father. This makes him loyal, brave, and trustworthy. In the book " A Wrinkle in Time" the dog is also all those character traits. For example if someone is at the door that he doesn't trust he tries to attack to protect Megs family.


Love and kindness always overcomes anger and fear. Meg finds out that to try to overcome someone or something she had to use love and kindness rather than anger and fear.