About Olivia Jones


I live with my dad (36), mom (35), sister (9), brother (7), and my dog. Their names are, Corey, Jena, Lillian, Nolan, and Nala Jones. Most of my family lives in Kansas and Oregon, but the family we visit lives around us in Missouri.

My Friends

Lily Hoover and Yasmin Noyola are my closest friends. We do everything together. Although I have many other friends Lily and Yasmin are the only ones I hang out with outside of school.


When it comes to school I am in accelerated ELA and 9th grade Algebra 1. I keep good grades also. I am not in any sports at the moment, but I want to get into basketball. Outside school groups I am in is Extempore. Extempore is once a week and we are in a group, we create a certain script and skit over a couple months. Then we go to competition and preform it to the judges.
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I have many hobbies. I enjoy playing basketball, (Kansas is my favorite college team). I love reading and writing also. I will also listen to a lot of music in my free time. But my favorite thing is watching Magcon videos. I love them so much so a lot of my free time involves them.
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