William Clark

Lewis and Clark Expidition, By: Gwyn Meinhardt

William Clark's life info

William Clark was born on, August 1, 1770, in Caroline County, Virginia, to John and Ann Rodgers Clark, He was ninth of ten children, He died on 1838. All though he could read and write, William Clark still had spelling errors through out his life. William Clark's Family moved to a farm near Louise Vill, Unlike his brothers who had stayed in Virginia Clark was home-school. Then Clark joined the Militia. Then he met Meriwether Lewis. They bonded a life long friendship. Then they were invited on an expedition, They were asked to go on this expedition because Thomas Jefferson wanted them to find a water rout leading from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean. All though they failed to find a water rout they still had a great time. They had a great time because they liked looking for massive land scapes, They also were sent on this expedition because they were suppose to find plants, animals, massive land scapes and more.