Diary Of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever

The Tale

When a bored middle schooler and his best friend are looking for something fun to do in their boring school. While exploring new activities, they get accused of damages to the school and are awaiting their consequences meanwhile trapped indoors with his family due to a snowstorm, thinking nothing to himself but ¨ which is worse being trapped with my family or getting in trouble ?¨

Main Characters

How Long does it take to make a Book?

Fans of the diary of a wimpy kid series all have one question in mind, ¨ how long does it take to make a book?¨, Jeff Kinney has answered. He replied¨It takes about nine months to create a new Wimpy Kid book; six months to come up with all the ideas/jokes (I need 350 per book), one month to write it, and two months to illustrate.¨ on his website.