Eco Club Update 1

Welcome, brainstorming, and more!

Welcome to Eco Club!

Hello everyone!

This week we held the second Eco Club meeting. With a great turn out in the past two weeks, and many great ideas, we are excited to move forward with this great new club.


Eco Club is very new and very open to new ideas and ways to promote sustainability. Please feel free to share your ideas. Below are some ideas gathered from the last meeting.

Some GREAT ideas:

  • Decorating the main recycling bin. The main purposes being to make the bin more fun and, more importantly, distinguishable from the trash bin. This would ideally be done in conjunction with the Art Club.
  • Bottle collection / competition. Hosting a competition of at-home-recycling among the classes and comparing progress via stickers on a display board.
  • Posters / Video for educating. Creating posters displayed around the school with facts about environmental impact, sustainability, and how to get involved. Also having a video playing on the TV in the attendance office with similar content.
  • Long term ideas: Solar panels, orchards, and more long term ideas were brought to the table. These will be developed further over time.

Eco Club Meeting

Monday, Oct. 12th, 3pm

Room 703

The next meeting is on Monday, October 12th. BRING A FRIEND. SPREAD THE WORD! Meetings will be held every other week!