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Math Fluency

This past week and for the rest of this week, we are going to review the rules/patterns for multiplication and division. We will begin adding "paper and pencil" assessments for multiplication and division regularly in our room. We will also continue to use the computer to assess their fluency. Students ARE EXPECTED to be able to fluently multiply and divide through their 10's be the end of third grade. It is critical that they are practicing these facts at home as well as at school.

Important Dates:

Feb. 16th- No School

Feb. 19th- Arts Partner Field Trip

Feb. 20th- Spring Parties

March 5th- Camp Read (5:30-7:30)

Subject Update:

Math- Fluency in multiplication and division.

Science- We are beginning a new science unit on Ecosystems.

Reading- We are in the middle of a "test talk" unit where students are analyzing different types of test questions in the area of reading and grammar.

Writing- We have drafted our Fantasy writing piece. This week we will begin to revise our writing.

Math Activities

School of Economics

Valentine Exchange