By: Sarahi Estevez


Most speak Spanish, or Castilian Spanish.


Spain has two of the Three Faiths in their religion

  1. Christianity
  2. Islam
They are both monotheistic and mono means one so they both believe in one god only.

Customs and Traditions

People prepare for weeks for the fireworks, bullfights, carnivals, dances, contests, and other fiestaactivities, which usually last for several days. Each fiestais different and represents the flavor and culture of its town and people. In Valencia, Las Fallas (the fires) celebrates St. Joseph. People burn cardboard, wood, or paper-mâché sculptures and watch firework displays. Saint George's Day (23 Apr.) is popular in Catalonia. People buy books and red roses from street vendors and give them as gifts. In Basque Country, the fiestas are filled with traditional games such as wood chopping, tree trunk tossing, and stone throwing. In July, people in Pamplona celebrate the festival of San Fermin with a seven-day festival followed by the famous Running of the Bulls.


In Spain they are no different than we are they listen to the same music we do. Some of them only listen to music from their culture and background

Some music they listen







They listen to all sorts of music mostly Latin.

Economic activities


Political System

Their Government:

Unitary state- governed as one

Constitutional monarchy- head of state