Tennessee Valley Authority

By: Kayla Allen & Rayanna Black


Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

When and Why it was Created

  • TVA was signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt in May 18, 1933
  • This act was created to help improve the navigability of the river, provide flood proof, help reforest and improve the farmland.

Actions Taken

  • Resolved problems with flooding in the Valley.
  • Worked to provide electricity to homes and businesses in the area along with replanting the forests.
  • The act also helped improve transportation to the river with resulted in the better development of the state's business and farming industry.
  • Other areas the act improved included-
  • malaria prevention, erosion control, power production

Reaction of American People/ Government/Efforts

  • An positive influence on the American people is it brought electricity to thousands of people for an inexpensive price.
  • The Roosevelt Administration believed that if the private enterprise company was unable to provide the affordable electricity to the people then it was the government's place to do so.
  • Many power companies were angered by the affordability of the electricity, because it was taking away from their profits. This caused for the companies to sue the government for unconstitutional involvement with their company.
  • Also due to the destructive land around TVA farmers were having a hard time growing crops, TVA decided that it was only fair to teach the farmers new methods to help with the crops and this turned out to be very influential for farmers.


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