Self-enrichment Teacher

Choir and Drama

Choir/Music + Drama

Self enrichment teachers instruct a variety of different subjects. The one that I'm most interested in is Choir, Music, and Drama. I've already taught all 3 of those to children of different ages. Self enrichment teachers provide instruction in formal education programs. Teaching lessons in a class enviorment or one on one instructor.

  • Create and teach lessons
  • Propose new classes to program directors or their supervisor
  • Determine class goals and objectives and develop a curriculum to meet those goals
  • Evaluate the course and make any necessary improvements or changes
  • Help advertise and promote classes

How to/ Pay.

Education + Pay

There are few training requirments to become one. May be required to have skills. Or going to a university to get a teaching lisence. Majoring in music and theatre education. Need ecperience to become one. EX: Volunteer

Pay: Hourly wage of 17.47.

High school teacher: $53,230 per year

Aurora University

In Aurora Illinois, there is a wide range of programs for students. Smaller campus, 4 year non profit college. AU offers residential, commuter, full-time and part-time programs. Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorial degrees. 15 to 1 student ; teacher raito.