Newsletter Perserverance

Eric Jarman


Perseverance is a trait that is hard to get. Perseverance is something few people have. Many of people have succeeded by using perseverance. These paragraphs are an example of people with perseverance.
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The Lady Jaggers

Losing to win

losing to win

The Lady Jaggers were a team who had to accomplish many adversities and obstacles to achieve their goal. The most difficult obstacle included themselves.

One of the main problems these girls had was they came from an underprivileged family. Their families made these girls into troublemakers and law breakers.These girls solved their problem by joining the lady jaggers team. This team has helped them solve the problem within. The Gentle guiding from the coach helped shape the girls into responsible women, All in all even with the adversities the girls had to face they accomplished them and achieved their goals. The Lady jaggers helped them get there.

Eleanor Roosevelt


1 Eleanor was born 2 her parents died 3 she found confidence in her new school 3 she married Franklin 4 became an inspirational figure 5 Franklin died 6 She continued to fight until she died


All these people have persevered through their problems. Ether it be Winston with WW2 or Jackie with racism they all persevered. In the end their perseverance paid off because they accomplished their goals... and so can you.