Lee Ravenscroft

Working Bikes

Basic facts

Lee Ravenscroft is the founder of the company Working Bikes. It was founded in 1999. Working Bikes is a company that recycles old bicycles. They take old, used bicycles that no one is using, and they recycle them, to ship them to people who need them.

The purpose of Working Bikes

The people in charge of Working Bikes feel that this company needed to be created because they wanted to put a good use to things that we're going to be thrown away, and to give people a useful tool that they need. Working Bikes rescues old bicycles and reinvents them to give them to people locally and globally, that may need them. This business wanted to make an impact on people's lives.

Jim Henson and Working Bikes

Jim Henson and Working Bikes share some characteristics. They both wanted to take something old and reinvent it. Jim Henson took the old, classic puppet, and created a new puppet, the Muppet. Working Bikes took old bicycles, and fixed them up to be used. Also, both these companies weren't searching to make money. They were looking to change people's lives and do what they were passionate about.

There are some different traits between these two companies though. Jim Henson's passion for his business started when he was really young. He loved puppets and television when he was a young child, and grew up to create his business. Working Bikes wasn't created till later, when Lee Ravenscroft came up with the idea when he saw a bunch of old bicycles about to be thrown out at the dump.

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