Snow Leopards

Are an endangered speicies


- Known for beautiful fur

- Found on eroded Mnt. in central Asia

- only 4,00-6,500 Snow Leopards alive in the iwld

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found in these 12 countries

Afghanistan, Bhutan, China, India, Kazakhastan, Kyrgystan, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Tajkistan, Uzbekistan


- Can take down animal 3x its size

- eats mostly large wild goats and blue sheep

- takes 3-4 days to consume there prey

-hunts large animal every 8-10 days

-sometimes eats grass/twigs

Physical Features

- at the shoulder standing they are about 24 in.

- males are 30%larger than females

- can only be found different genders by size

- legs can excel them up to 30 ft in a single leap (6 x body length)

-thick tail used as a scarf

-fuzzy thick fur

-hair grows in colder seasons


- they cant make roar sounds so they chuff they can also make ( purr meow hiss growl moan or yowl)

_ to say where they are they leave markings they will scrape the snow with legs or urinate on rocks


Most snow leopards travel alone they are more active at dusk and with no humans around

there has never been a reported atack of a snow leopard but they might aggresive with two males



their fur is popular

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Retribution killings

snow leopards attack livestock and the ranchers get mad and shoot
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loss of habitat and prey

humans build structures and take up their habitat and their prey's habitat
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dangerous explosives and chemicals come from the mining business and kill them

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Think about it

all the threats listed where caused by humans so if we can cause it can't we fix it?

How can we help?


continue to support wildlife preservation