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Is a area with a dry riverbed filled by rainwater from rare down poars highlands dominate the southwest however and rainfall there irrates fertile crop lands in the valleys water sometimes comes from seasonal wades.

The Alluvial plain

Is an area that is built up by rich fertile soil left by river floods. Tigris and Euphrates rivers are the major geographic features of Iraq,of course between the 2 rivers is an alluvial plain. Most farming takes place here. Farmers grow wheat, barley, dates, cotton, and rice

Head lines with Embargo!

It is an order that restricts trade with another country. This severely damaged Iraq's economy. As a result the United nations continued an embargo on trade wth Iraq that it had introduced before the war.

What are 3 Major crops of egypt?

The 3 crops are sugar crane,grains, vegetables,

Libyas oil money is used on what 3 items?

Libyas oil money is used with

A.import food

B. Build schools and hospitals

C.maintain a stronger military

Who were Berbers?

Berbers were the first people known to live in North Africa
From Dust - Alluvial plain
Trekking and canyoning, Wadi Shab, Oman