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Lady Gaga VS. Pandora

These pictures look like different ladies in red carpet.

Both of them have fancy famous dresses.

They are both nice and have stylish makeup.

Pandora open the box soon she almost to tell her father what happen.

Only Lady Gaga is a singer.

pandora tells her husband what happen to a box.

Lady Gaga does not have a husband. She is a single lady.

Pandora try to open it because she did not open Zeus told her do not open the box.

Pandora brought bad stuff like evil and death to the world.

Lady Gaga sings music is inside her heart.

The Interview with Pandora

Harold: Hello, welcome Pandora!

Pandora: Thank, thank!

Harold: So tell me, hows Epimetheus?

Pandora: Oh well, he’s charming.

Harold: Yes, yes. How was your wedding? What did you get for your lovely wedding present?

Pandora: Oh, stop asking so much questions! Well the wedding was great. The Wedding present though.......oh yes Zeus gave me a box. He strictly told me not to open it........

Harold: AND................did you open it???????????

Pandora: Yes

Harold: Why would you!!!!!! You betrayed the gods, including the almighty Zeus! You betrayed Aphrodite who gave you matchless beauty, Athena who clothed you in silken gowns and taught you the art of needlework, Apollo who gave you the gift of music........Why?????????????

Pandora: I guess my curiousity got the better of me...........

Harold: Well that was what Zues gave you......

Harold: Scary, I wonder how Zeus is reacting right now. He’s our biggest supporter.

Pandora: I’m sorry about that.

Harold: No, don’t be because uh I don’t want any trouble.

Harold: Anywho, how do you feel about what you did. I think all of humanity hates you.

Pandora: I don’t know, I guess I learned a valuable lesson.

Harold: And what is that??????? Say it so all those kid gods can hear you!!!!!!

Pandora: Always listen to people older than yourself, espacially if they are close to you.

Pandora: I should have not open that box, literally that is the only thing we are talking about......uhhhh

Harold: I know, and thank you about that; this is the biggest thing that happened to my company and me after having a trillion view hit on your creation. Ahhhhh, does were good times.

Pandora: Ya, back then I had a perfect life....I loved my life...............

Pandora: UNTIL, I got that stupid box. I wonder if Zeus ever knew that if he would give me curiosity that I will open up the box he strictly told me not to open.

Harold: Ya, I wonder about that too. Anyway I guess that’s about it I mean ya, a girl who was literally perfect was, not perfect enough after the god Zeus gave her amazing curiousity and a box. We’ll be back next time on Zeus’s interview on the story.......