Mrs. Maloney's Kindergarten News

December 11th

Telling Time

For the past couple weeks the students have been working on telling time. We began learning that time tells when things happen and how long things take. Next we learned the different parts of an analog clock and began learning how to use it to tell time. We learned about the numbers and how to tell the hour and minute and how the hands point to numbers to show us. Finally we worked on telling time on a digital clock. We learned the parts and that hours come first and minutes come last. We even practiced telling time using both types of clocks.

Skills Learned This Month

Language Arts

The students have been working hard on all their short vowel sounds and practicing new word families to go with the letters each week. Short vowel e has been the trickiest to learn. They have also been learning to read and write one syllable words, reading simple sentences and learning about print materials and parts of a book.


The students writing has come such a long way the past month. They learned how to write a sentence and add periods or question marks at the end as well as knowing which is which. They have been learning how writing can come in different forms and practicing all the ways...personal writing, captions and labels, and poems.

Daily 5

The students have finally finished learning all five parts of daily five and our program is now in full swing. The students are making two choice each day and keeping track of their choices each week to be sure they get them all. We also began working in reading groups. This gives the students more time with me to practice sight words, language skills and reading in a smaller group. Most weeks each group will meet with me twice.


For math the students have been working on a plethora of skills. We continued to learn about subtracting and will continue this through the rest of the year along with adding. They also learned to read a thermometer and compare temperatures and practiced skip counting by fives.


This past month the students began working on a new science unit, Earth Science. This is one of my favorite units. The students have been learning about seasonal and daily weather and how it can change. They also began learning about the things in the day time sky and how they are important to our earth and our life.

Social Studies

After discussing transportation and voting/elections, the students began learning map skills and neighborhood surroundings. They learned how to read and use a compass rose and had fun practicing directions to get through a pretend maze. This week we began learning about neighborhoods, communities and towns and how they are different.

Mrs. Maloney's Maternity Leave

Anticipated from January 11th until March 4th

Although I am not planning for it, there is a chance that my maternity leave may begin over the holiday break. I hope this is not the case, but if so I want to give everyone that heads up. There are two new programs beginning during 3rd quarter, spelling and reading logs. I will send out the information packets next week so if you have any questions before I leave you can ask.

Upcoming Events

Polar Express Pajama Party

Friday, December 18th

Holiday Break

December 21st - January 1st

Quarter 2 Ends

Friday, January 15th