Endangered Animals: Ocelot

Can this guy be helped fast enough?

Facts of the Ocelot

1) The ocelot is one of the most protected animals due to it being endangered.

2) The ocelot is two times the size of an average house cat, and can swim and does not avoid water.

3) This animal's room for habitat is shrinking at a slow/fast rate due to man destroying it.

The Ocelot's Food Chain

The ocelot eats some to many things, but only a few could be listed here. The ocelot eats small mammals, consisting of rodents, amphibians such as lizards, turtles, and frogs. And also, the ocelot also eats crabs, birds, and fish. To help the guy eat, he has sharp scissor-like claws.
Sweet Pet Ocelot

The Ocelot's Habitat

The ocelot lives in South-Central America, but also lives in some places in the southern area of North America. The ocelot will also live in jungles, where it can adapt easily. But, the jungle will have many things that a regular animal couldn't live in, so the ocelot was made accordingly to live there (see "Adapting to the Mighty Jungle!").

Adapting to the mighty Jungle!

For the ocelot to adapt to it's habitat, the ocelot had to have many features so he can blend in like the others. So, some features I'm talking about are:

1. The ocelot has to eat amphibians, small mammals, lizards, etc.

2. The ocelot's fur helps the little guy blend in with certain areas of an environment.

3. These animals are meant for eating meat, so their fangs are pointed in order to kill with a single bite.

Critical Information

Time to step away from some focused things and to move on to something else, such as critical information. So, to begin with, the ocelot remains one of the most protected animals (for now) and is also no longer being hunted by hunters. The ocelot is also two times the size of an average house cat, so dogs, you better have a handy diaper. And finally, the ocelot's habitat is slowly/rapidly being destroyed because of man's machines.