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Professional Reading

Increased Reading = Increased Vocabulary

“Rather than teaching long lists of words in an attempt to inoculate students from ever meeting a word they don’t know, we need to expose students to literature that employs gorgeous language” - Carol Jago

Check out this practical article on vocabulary instruction!

Meet Words Where They Live - Carol Jargo

Take-Aways from the Literacy Coaching Team:

  • Students need to spend more time reading!
  • Students will build their vocabulary through the natural process of reading authentic texts.
  • Students should apply the vocabulary from their reading in their own writing.

Do You Love Words as Much as these Logophile Characters?

Check out these books to find out!

  • The Word Collector by Sonja Wimmer

  • The Boy Who Loved Words by Roni Schotter

  • Max’s Words by Kate Banks
  • Donovan's Word Jar by Monalisa DeGross
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Units of Study: FAQ

How do I start the process of scoring writing pieces using the Units of Study rubric?

  • During this first year of implementation, become familiar with the language of the rubric. Clarify any terms that may be unfamiliar.

  1. Read the piece all the way through.
  2. Look at the “overall” descriptors of the piece.
Ex. For fourth grade…continue checking the piece against the fourth grade column. Had the overall piece seemed to be more aligned to third grade, then you would check the piece against those descriptors.

E-mail questions to:

2015-16 Units of Study Expectations

Rubrics: All grade levels will use Lucy Calkins' rubrics to score all areas (e.g., conventions, structure, genre).

Grading: Each unit will be taught and assessed at least one time this year. Use post on-demand assessment data and consider other important aspects of student writing to inform grading decisions (e.g., notebook entries, drafts and publications).

Report Cards: Writing standards can be aligned to follow Units of Study program.

*This is year 1 of a 3 year implementation.

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Upcoming Literacy Events

  • November staff meeting: Mini lessons
  • Casual Conversation Topic: Units of Study Check in

Casual Conversations

We will be hosting monthly informal conversations on various literacy topics. Join us for collaborative conversations about topics relating to best practices in literacy.

Topic: Writing Units of Study

Forest Glen Room 19: Nov. 20 @ 8:00

Howard Room 8: Nov. 20 @ 7:45

Suamico Room 121: Nov. 9 @ 3:30

Bay Harbor Library: Nov. 11 @ 8:00

Meadowbrook Room 124: Nov. 17 @ 3:30

Lineville Literacy Lounge: Nov. 17 @ 3:15

Bay View Library Nov. 11 @ 2:45

Feel free to attend any session.

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Contact Information

Howard-Suamico Literacy Coach Team