December 7-11

Week 16 - Nutcracker Trip Friday

News This Week

Scholastic Forms: Please return Scholastic Release Forms so that our class photos can be used. I can send another one if you need it. Thanks to those that have already returned forms!

Tuesday: Tomorrow we will be practicing our rotations for a day. Students will do the same work but will visit Mrs. Blackmon and Mrs. Bowen. We did a quick run-through today to get organized.

Field Trip: Our trip is Friday. We will leave at 10:30 and return at 12:45. Snack will be in the morning. Students need to bring sack lunches, as no one requested a cafeteria lunch.

Tests: Due to the field trip, we will try to take our tests Thursday this week.

Holiday: Please send in $5.00 to help with the cost of keepsakes, food, and activities for the holiday party. Our party will be on PJ day, Thursday the 17th, starting in the morning with a breakfast.

Snow Wizard Tuesday - $1.00

Studies this Week

  • Skills: Reading Two Passages on the Same Topic - comparing and contrasting poetry
  • RL 3.9 Compare and contrast the themes, settings, and plots of stories written by the same author about the same or similar characters (e.g., in books from a series)
  • We will also be working on reader's theater
  • Phonics: wr, kn, mb, gn
  • Vocabulary: Vocabulary Workshop Unit 3


  • Practice spelling and writing words. Visit for more practice. The story title is "Volcanoes".
  • Words this week: thumb, gnaw, written, know, climb, design, wrist, crumb, assign, wrench, know, wrinkle, lamb, knob, knit, wrestler, bologna, cologne, honeycomb, knickknack


  • Division - Our main focus right now is seeing the relationship to multiplication and deciding when to multiply and divide.
  • Facts - begin memorizing all multiplication facts. We will start division before the holidays!


Vocabulary: active, bargain, gasp, loyal, resource, sensitive, struggle, value, vary, wander


We will work on expository writing with comparing and contrasting.


  • Capitalizing titles
  • Capitalize the first and last word, nouns, verb, adjectives, subordinating conjunctions, and most words longer than 3 letters


  • Force and Motion

Social Studies

  • Students can logon to Studies Weekly at home by going to
  • Daily Geography

Please Send $5.00 for Holidays

Practice at Home

  • How did these specific characters solve the problem in different ways across this series of stories?

  • How are the problems these specific characters face similar across this series of stories?

  • How are the themes/plots/settings in (author’s) books (title) and (title) alike and different?

Important Dates


8 - Snow Wizard $1.00

11 - Field Trip to the Nutcracker Ballet

15 - PTA 6:00, Kindergarten Performs

17 - Christmas Parties / PJ Day

18 - 1/2 Day, Last Day of Q2