EM Spectrum: Ultraviolet Waves

By: Austin Geer Class: GT Science 8 Teacher: Roose

Basic Information

Ultraviolet= Beyond Violet

Uses: Treating Skin Disorders,Disinfecting Water,Sterilizing Equipment, and Germicidal Lamps.

Picture: Sun

Video Describing/Showing Effects of UV Waves and Radiation

On ultraviolet (UV) rays
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Pictures (L to R): Germicidal Lamps, UV Protection Glasses,Cataracts,and Tanning Beds

Tanning Bed

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New Technology: Ultraviolet Radiation System(s)

Explanation: The Ultraviolet Radiation System, invented by George Jay Lichtblau, is a system that uses little to no radiation output when powered on. As it is powered on, it kills pathogens that have been messed with during UV-C output radiation of itself. Also, it decontaminates the air that has passes by/through the device. (Motion Detection).

Materials Used: It is supported by a dolly with four wheels. It is a tall, skinny object that has air vent openings and a pair of UV-C lamps on each of the four sides. Then,a fan is put on top, so when turned on, it starts air flow through the system to keep the UV-C lamps at regular temperature. Controlled by a remote control using radio/infrared signals as well.

Impact: It is getting rid of the most harmful UV type of all, UV-C, which could effect the world as we know it today. Also, it cleans air to make it fresher, cleaner, and easier to breath in.

Date/Person Who Introduced it: Filing Date: Oct.8,2013 and Publication Date: July 29th, 2014. The person who introduced it to the world was George Jay Lichtblau.

(If more information is needed, search Google Patents, and type Ultraviolet Radiation System, and click on the one invented by George Lichtblau).

The article above gives a brief summary about the Ultraviolet Radiation system, and what is the purpose for using it, why it exists, and how Ultraviolet waves/Radiation is utilized in this invention.

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