Kindergarten Kreations




We are continuing to work on our strategies for "Understanding" what we read. Our strategies are Predicting (I Think...), Connecting (This reminds me of...) and Wondering (I Wonder Who, What, Where, When, Why...).

A Snowy Day

We read the book "A Snowy Day" and after discussing it and answering some very important essential questions, we worked in groups to sequence the story. I have to say how impressed I am with how the kiddos did on this activity. They worked together to read each part of the story and then discussed in which order they should go in.


Letter Name, Sounds, and Writing

We are working on the "SH" sound (shop). We are also working on how to write a sentence.
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We are finishing Narratives and I have to say, we have come along way...Just take a look at a few of our stories.


Numbers 11-19

We are finishing up our numbers 11-19. We worked in groups to sort the numbers and match them up with their 20 frame. Next week we will begin Greater Than/Less Than.



This week, Mrs. Love taught us how to computer "code" on the IPads.
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No School Friday

School Improvement Day. The teachers will be learning! Enjoy your long weekend.