New Carlisle Elementary News

January 2019

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Check This Out - Please Come

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New Carlisle Cares about our Kids

Upcoming January Events

January 7- PTO Meeting

January 9 - 2 Hour Delay

January 15 - Grade Cards Go Home

January 16 - Student Council Meeting

January 17 -Family Literacy Night

January 18 - NO SCHOOL

January 21 - NO SCHOOL

January 24 - PTO Skate Party

4th Grade Music Programs

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5th Grade Music Programs

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Class Visit to Dayview

Mrs. Croxdale's Class took an evening and went to Dayview. The students that volunteered their time to go visited and read books with the residents. The students also took crafts they had made in class and passed them out to the residents as well. The residents look forward to the visit and the kids are learning about kindness and community service. Everyone leaves with a smile.

Botvin Lessons with Mrs. Wagner

Mrs. Wagner takes time each day at NCES to work in the classrooms with all the students. The Botvin lessons are all focused around life skill, positive youth development and helping kids resist drug, alcohol and tobacco use. This is NCES first year to implement this program. We have been impressed with the results and plan to continue this next year.

NED Program

Never give up, Encourage others, Do your best!

Thank you to all the parents that helped support our NED program by allowing your child to buy a Ned YoYo. NCES was able to bring this program to your students for free because of the willingness to sell the YoYo's at school. We want to send out a huge THANK YOU to the parents that gave their time all week to sell the YoYo's at school. Thank you to Mrs. Sharbaugh, Mrs. Thomson, and Mrs. Swearingen.

The students were taught to Never give up, Encourage others and always Do their best! The presenter was teaching them about Growth Mindset. A Growth Mindset is knowing things get hard or difficult and just when you think you are ready to give up you remember, I just can't do this YET!!! If you keep practicing you can make your goals happen! Things like math and language get hard but your brain is growing the most when it is being challenged.

Active Arrows Run

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The Active Arrows club has spent weeks working with the students on friendships, standing up for yourself, goal setting and of coarse running. On December 15th at 12:00pm in the pouring down rain there were about 45 students and parents that ran / walked. It was so inspiring and awesome to see the students try their best, be so excited for the day to be here and have so much fun. It really was an amazing event. Thank you to the team of teachers that made this happen, Mrs. Croxdale, Mrs. Quarls, Mrs. Russell and Mr. Hord. They wanted the students to know what it was like to run in a real race and they did just that. The students had to sign up, get a running bib with their name on it, and they all received a medal at the end. We even had 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers. 1st place was Corey Russell, 2nd place was Micah Sharbaugh, 3rd place was Larkin Thomas. Congratulations to all who came and experienced this wonderful event.

If you are interested in being in the running we will be doing this group again in the spring. More information will come.

Grandparents Day was a success!

R Factor

E+R=O - Event + Response = Outcome

Our school district as well as our elementary school are in the beginning stages of sharing a life changing message with our students and staff. We call the message E+R=O. This is an extremely powerful mindset that will help us all control our responses to events that happen to us everyday. If we can all learn and master this skill, we will experience better outcomes to the challenges we face in life. Click on the link below to hear a little bit about how E+R=O can help you and your family. The message may seem simple but it is actually very difficult to master. It is a 9:54 minute video, fast forward to 3:37 will allow you to hear the meat of the message delivered by speaker, Brian Kight. . That is when Brian Kight starts talking about E+R=O.



We have a district REMIND text app this year. As a family in our school district, you are already enrolled in this service. This will be helpful when you need to receive school delays and cancellations, safety information and other district related messages. The Remind App provides individual building access which means you will also get information that only applies to NCES. If your number is not on the list or you are not receiving messages, please let the office know and we will happily add your information to the Remind system. Thank you.


NCES has an Instagram account. We have 168 followers. Please follow us to see the fun and educational happenings at New Carlisle Elementary School. Tell your friends and family to join us too. I try to post pictures almost daily.

PTO We Need You!

We will be holding a Tecumseh Elementary PTO meeting on Monday, January 7 , at TMS at 7:00 pm. The following meeting will be Monday, February 4 , at TMS at 7:00 pm. Everyone is welcome. PTO has their own Remind page. On your phone Type: @tecelempto in the message space, put 81010 where the number goes, and join. If you have questions please call our office at 845-4480.

Child Nutrition News

Children are able to charge 3 times. After the 4th charge students will be given a turkey/cheese sandwich and carton of milk.

EZpay is a system that allows you to add money to your child's account without sending money to school. Setup is simple. If you need assistance please contact the nutrition department at 845-4519.

EZpay will allow you to receive an email alerting you how much money is in your child's lunch account. This feature can be setup in the EZpay system.

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Dismissal at NCES

Dismissal - We encourage all students to be picked up using the curb lane. This is a safety concern for our students. This way you do not have to get out of your car, students can enter the car right from the curb and there is no need for kids crossing into the parking lot.

You are welcome to park your car and walk to the doors or to the light pole at the end of the cross walk. Your student will get crossed to you safely at the light pole. From there you will be able to walk your child safely to your car. WE DO NOT LET STUDENTS WALK ACROSS THE PARKING LOT ON THEIR OWN.

Thank you for your cooperation. Our students safety is our highest concern.

Positive Referrals

The students at NCES are able to receive positive referrals from staff for going above and beyond. We are so proud of our students who have earned positive referrals during the month of December.

When students receive a positive referral their photo is taken, the receive a bracelet, candy or a pencil. Additionally, students receiving positive referrals are honored on our Chrome cast screen with their photos scrolling on the office TV all day everyday!

We hang a photo in the office and hallway of each student receiving a positive office referral and these students are also honored on our morning announcements which can be viewed on our Youtube channel. It is really exciting for our students.

Recognized for 4th Grade:

Ava Clayborn, Noah Davis, Kati Moore, and Sarah Hazelbaker

Recognized for 5th Grade:

Christian Gonzalez, Ivan Mireless-Campos, and Angel Galvan

WAY TO GO KIDS!!!! You are the good example for others! Keep it up the great work.

Collection Corner

Plastic Caps

Wow! We have been overloaded with bottle caps. Thank you and keep them coming in. NCES along with Tecumseh Local Schools is continuing to collect the caps from plastic bottles. These caps are being collected and recycled into benches that we can put at our schools. We are using this incentive to teach our students and community to reduce, reuse, recycle. We recently sent a big box truck off to recycle with 2,000 pounds of caps! Way to go TLS! Students can bring caps into the school for tickets.

Pop Tabs

New Carlisle Elementary is continuing a school-wide collection of pop tabs. If you drink pop at home and would send the tabs in with your child we would greatly appreciate them. We also would accept dog/cat food tabs and canned food tabs. Thank you for helping with this cause. The children are really excited to help out.

Boxtops for Education

Please continue to send in Boxtops for Education. We use these funds to help buy items for the children to help support their activities that take place here at NCES. Please keep saving and sending the Boxtops and Campbell’s label proofs into school as you collect them.