To Drill or Not to Drill...

Why is it even a question?

Oil. Why is it so important?

Oil is a major source of energy. In our country we use 19.6 million barrels of oil a day, that's a lot of oil. Oil is in practically everything you see around you, from the shoes on your feet to the asphalt you walk on. Oil is used for so many many things. Making fuel for cars, producing electricity, even heating homes. What would we do without it?

How can this help YOU?

Did you know that drilling in Alaska could possibly lead to another economic boom?

No? Well, it will lessen our dependence on foreign oil & dramatically lower the cost. This will create hundreds of thousands of jobs & dramatically help Alaska's economy & people. This could potentially lower gas prices and strengthen our national security. Drilling in Alaska would pay off right away, and its a very ideal time to start drilling. With high gas prices, a struggling economy, growing debt, and a growing unemployment rate this could be exactly what we need.

Help vs Harm

The area's wildlife can coexist successfully with the drilling. We can easily drill without harming the environment & new techniques & technology have lessened the chance of a spill. All drilling will be conducted safely with minimal impact of the surrounding environment. We call really benefit from this. It will do more help than harm.