University of Duluth


Feast of Nation

In 1968, the University of Duluth started the Feast of Nation. A small group of international students gathered at the home of Magaret Orlich to prepare a meal together and perform songs and dances from their native countries. Sense it was such an enjoyable event they decided to make it an annual event. On average the feast holds about 300 guests, including students, faculty, staff, and members of the community. Students from the College of St. Scholastica and the University of Wisconsin, Superior also participate. Every year the feast takes place between late March and early April.

School Colors

During the early years of the school, the school colors were constantly changing. University of Minnesota's president, William Watts Folwell, asked a English instructor, who apparently had "excellent taste". The English instructor choose maroon and gold. The original school colors of UMD were green and gold, when UMD was the Duluth State Teachers College. The University of Duluth's colors changed after joining systems with the University of Minnesota.
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During Spring 2014 the Anishinabe Student Organization will host its 14th Annual Traditional Powwow. The powwow is the largest single diversity event held on the UMD campus. In the past the powwow has featured 10 to 20 drums and singers, 75 to 100 dancers in regalia, and has often 800 to 1000 people have enjoyed the feast. The powwow is open to all and is indicative of UMD's commitment to American Indian history and culture.
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