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May/June 2018

Principal's Corner

It is May! This is the time when the weather starts to really be fantastic and along with flowers, love starts to bloom on the beautiful Jefferson playground. Please continue your conversations about friendship and the importance of not getting into “Boyfriend/Girlfriend” stuff until later, preferably MUCH LATER! J As we all begin to prepare for summer, I am reminded time and time again how difficult the transition can be for students and especially parents! “Love and Logic” continues to be my resourse for when parents come to me asking “What now!” Here is another of Jim Faye’s stories.

I watched a child giving his mother fits in a store. When Mom noticed the boy’s behavior was drawing attention, she lost what control she had and screamed, “That does it! I’ve had it with you! Now I’m not buying you anything!” In a feeble attempt to emphasize her power, she added, “And I mean it!”

Sensing that his mom was now at the end of her rope, he looked right into her eyes and yelled, “I hate you and you’re not going to tell me what to do.”

As I watched, I was filled with sadness for both the child and his mother. I managed to get next to this mother in the checkout line. I handed her my card with a note on the back to send it to the Love and Logic Institute for a free copy of one of my audios. I received a wonderful letter a few months later telling me all about the success she was having with her son.

After listening to Love Me Enough to Set Some Limits, Mom created a plan for dealing with Zachary and his acting out at the store. The very next day they went shopping. True to form, Zachary started begging for things. In her calm, rehearsed voice, Mom said, “Not a good idea, Zachary. I have to shop without listening to that.”

“All the other kids get stuff when they go to the store!” he yelled. He then grabbed two toys off the shelf and threw them into her cart.

Mom whispered, “That was a really bad decision, Zachary. I’m going to have to do something about that, but not here in the store. Try not to worry about it now.”

A concept Mom learned from Love Me Enough to Set Some Limits:
Warning kids of a consequence reduces

the power of the consequence.

This idea helped her while she implemented the rest of the plan. She phoned a friend who could serve as a rather boring… yet humane babysitter. Mom did not tell Zachary what was going to happen.

At 10 a.m., her friend came to the door. Mom said, “Zachary, I’m going to finish my shopping. It’s going to be a great day. This is so sad. I don’t have the energy to listen to begging and arguing. That’s why you’ll be staying with Jenny. You will need to decide how you are going to pay her for her time. I know you don’t have any money, so you will need to bargain to see which toys she’ll accept for payment."

Mom had a wonderful time shopping, making sure that she was eating an ice cream bar as she walked in the door. “Hi Zachary. How did it go?"

“She made me pay with my remote control car and it’s new!”

A few days later, Zachary started throwing a fit about not getting a Happy Meal in the restaurant. Mom looked at him and sang, “Uh, oh, Zachary. Do you think that might be a bad decision?” Zachary’s eyes got very wide. He became unusually quiet and stopped complaining.

Mom ended her letter by saying, “Thanks for making my life a whole lot easier!”

May at a Glance Here at Jefferson

May is a very busy month. Please make sure to check out the Jefferson Calendar for dates and times. Email your students teacher if you have questions. Information might be sent home with your students so please check their backpacks each week. Here is a brief list of things happening....

May 7 - May 11 Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week

May 9 - PTA Meeting

May 10- Orchestra and Band Concert

May 11- 1st and 2nd grade Field Trip to Kuna Ag Expo

May 17 - 1st grade Field Trip to Library/Zoo

May 21 - May 25 Library Used Book Sale

May 21 - Field Trip for Patrol Students to PoJo's

May 22 - DHH Field Trip

May 23 - Field Trip 5th grade to Foothills Learning Center

May 25 - EARLY RELEASE (Kam 8:40 - 10:30, Kpm 11:30 - 1:15, Gr 1-6 8:40 - 1:15)

May 28- NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day

May 29 - All school Field Day

May 30 - 6th grade Field Trip all day, 3rd grade Field Trip to Discovery Center, DHH to Morris Hill Cemetery, Incoming Kindergarten event

May 31 - All School BBQ, 6th grade Graduation, DHH Field Trip to Ann Morrison, 6th grade Swimming, 4th and 5th grade Award Ceremony

June 1 - EARLY RELEASE - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL 1:15 pm release time

Kindergarten Graduation: Kam 9:15. Kpm 12:45.


Something you can help with over the Summer

While many of you will be off adventuring around the country and happen to stay in hotels or motels, if you think about it, we would love to start collecting some little shampoo/conditioner, and deodorants for those students that might be in need for next year.

You may drop them off anytime at the beginning of the school year in August to the nurses office.

Thank you and enjoy your summer.

A Great Presentation for Parents, May 9th

"Growing up in the Digital Age" A great presentation for Parents at the public library. Click on this link to register. FREE EVENT.

Big picture

Below are some summer events you might be interested in. I will add things as we get notified of them.

2018 Borah Summer Volleyball camp

Open up to Kindergarten through 9th grade.

Summer Whitney Recreation Center

If you are attending Summer School at Whitney or not, you may want to consider signing up for Kid City at Whitney. They are open during the summer Mon - Fri 1:00pm to 5:00pm. The free lunches are served at Whitney starting at Noon. They have weekly fieldtrips, swimming and fun recreation games throughout the summer. The program is a free drop in recreation center and is open to kids entering 3rd grade - 6th. We do accept kids younger than that on a limited basis but the parents are required to register through their program. It is important that families understand this is a drop in and not daycare.

This is the form for the Whitney Community Center


Barbara English is the Youth Recreation Specialist at the Whitney Community Center for Boise Parks and Recreation. Call with questions 208-854-6625

Girls STEM 2018 Summer Camp

Fifth annual Girls Powered STEM (GPS) Camp this summer! Online registration will be on May 7th starting at 8:00 a.m.(Last year we had close to 200 girls attend the event and registration closed in 10 minutes). All the details are on our GPS Site.

School Supply Sign Ups in June

One option for school supplies for next year.

Central Bench Back To School Carnival August 12

Hosted by: Wright Community Congregational Church

Summer Bike Information

Sponsored by Boise Safe Routes to School