oxford student letting


Services and Charges Offered by Oxford Letting Agents

Studying in a university town like Oxford in England, it may be hard for students to find a good landlord and a good building to meet all of his or her accommodation needs. A university town is a town or a city dominated by university population. There are a great number of universities and colleges in Oxford that aspiring college students can choose from. Having a lot of students in the same city in search for quality accommodation and good landlords can be a very hard thing to accomplish. This is where oxford student letting comes in. Letting, in the United Kingdom, is a term that refers to a person that facilitates transactions between a private individual and a landlord. The main service that letting agents offer is to serve as a middleman for a student or a private individual and a landlord in their tenancy transactions. They pave the way for a landlord to be introduced to a student.

Oxford student letting makes the process of finding a good building and a good landlord for a student much easier. Letting agents are usually the ones to process the student’s application to a landlord. In addition, they can also provide the students with guidelines that could help the students manage their way and cost of living in Oxford. For the landlords, these letting agents help them by recommending students to stay in their private properties. The agents somehow also serve the landlords by promoting their properties as good places for students to stay in for the rest of their school days in Oxford.

In exchange for the services offered by Oxford student letting, these agents charge both the landlords and the tenants fees that include the following:

Since the agents are the ones responsible for the introduction of a landlord to a student, they usually charge the landlords for this service 7-12% of the rent over the period of tenancy. Charges may vary depending on the location of the building and the amount of rent to be paid by the tenant. On the other hand, the student or the tenant is also charged with an administration fee which is usually for the processing of the student’s application. Payment for this fee may vary and can range from £50.00 - £300.00. In addition, Oxford student letting agents may also offer to do the collection of rent from tenants and charge the landlords a specific percentage which can range from 2-3 percent of the total rent. These are the basic and general fees charged by these agents and some may offer additional services to cater to your needs with corresponding fees.

The services offered by Oxford student letting indeed are helpful and essential not only for students but also for the landlords. In a city with a lot of students looking for a good building and landlord, letting agents in Oxford are factors that make transactions between tenants and landlords possible, fast and easy.