Mrs. Williams' Class

Welcome to 5th Grade!

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phone: 706.357.5333

Free website for Summer Reading


Nightly Journal Entry

Read 30 minutes each night and write a 4-5 sentence summary. Make sure the title of the book is listed at the top of your journal page.

Math HW will be written on the board for you to copy or will be given as a worksheet. We will start math HW on the second week of school.

Many of you are turning in the Big 20, but you are forgeting to compete reading journal entries. Remember that BOTH should be completed nightly. Thanks!

Important Information:

Dates to Remember:

(Library- Mondays at 1:40)

Please Bring BRAVES field Trip forms and $5 for tickets!

April 25-May 13 Reteaching Reading and Math (everyone)

May 4 Gwinnett Braves Field Trip

May 10 BHL Trip

May 16-19 Milestones re-testing form reading and math (mornings)

May 18 5th Grade Field Day (afternoon)

May 19 5th Grade Moving On Ceremony at 12:45 pm

May 20 CRES Last Day of School

PLEASE REMEMBER: For transportation changes, please send a note with your student or email the office at

Academics for this year: Click the links for study information.

Math- Place Value, Order of Operations

Softschools Practice



Powers of Ten (Ignore Division)

Khan Academy Video: Powers of Ten

Khan Academy Video: Multiplying with Powers of Ten (stop after 2 min. 40 seconds)


Mrs. Culliver's Padlet


LearnZillion Videos

Fractions + and Least Common Multiple

Comparing Fractions

Printable Fraction Bars

Equivalent Fraction Scale

Digital fraction Bar

Reading- Comprehension and Fluency (Scroll down to the videos and the charts)



S. Studies- Civics and Economics

Civil War

Civil War Site 1

Civil War Info and Games

Overview and Causes (With Videos and Games)

Spanish-American War:

Famous Inventors:

Native American Relocation:

World War I

WWI Videos for Kids

Science- Cells and Microorganisms

Plant Cells:

Animal Cells:


Animal Classification:

Six Kingdoms

Non-vascular Plants

Vascular Plants


Study Jams

Quia Game

Dog Breeding/Traits


Matching Game

States of Matter:

Changing States

Changes in matter Rap!

Electricity and Magnetism

School House Rock- electricity song

YouTube-Electricity- video: how circuits work

Circuit Building- game: build circuits

Fuse Box- game: build a circuit

How Stuff Works - info. on electromagnets

BBC- video of building an electromagnet

Galaxy- electromagnet instructions

How Stuff Works 2- electromagnets around us

Harcourt School- game: build electromagnets

Media Center Websites and Login Information

The CRES library media center website. Click the e-book tab for the following links:

Tumblebooks login: username: cre password: croad

Capstone: username and password: croad

Brainpop/Brainpop Jr./Brainpop ESOL: username and password: croad

Pebblego: username and password: croad

Facts4me: username and password: croad

Ticket to Read: Student login: clarke# Password: lunch#

VMath Live: Student login: clarke# Password: lunch#

Get Waggle: Student login: clarke# Password: lunch#

Athens Banner Herald login: username and password: croad