Roman News

Raegan Storie

Death of Julius Caesar

The Julius Caesar was murdered late Tuesday night. In 60 BC, the 1st Triumphant began with Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus. Caesar then became too powerful and the senate tried to limit power. In 44 BC, he declared himself dictator for life. He was murdered because he had too much power. Caesar will be forever remembered.
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New Sandals!

Have you heard about our new sandals? Made with leather and fur, your feet will stay warm and comfy!! They are only $2 and will not wear down on you! Get your air today!!!
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Fishing Tournament!!!!!!!!

Join us at the Tiber River for a fishing tournament at sunrise Friday morning. We will be fishing all day and if you catch the most fish, we will cook them for you and you will eat them. If you lose, your fish will be thrown back into the river. So, come join us!

Against Christians

Christianity is a terrible thing. They think that everything has to do with Jesus. From creation to humans, Jesus did it all. Which is false. They need to be gone. Forever. Captured, tortured, and killed. I will stand with Saturn forever.