Egyptian Reveloution

By: Sammy, Mali, Sarah

Egyptians are Cool Calm and Collected until....

January 25th, 2011, was the start of it all and an extreme change in Egypt's history. What started out as small protest, in Cario, Alexandria, and other cities following the Tunisian Revolution to overthrow Egypt's leader (President Hoshi Mubarak). These protest quickly turned into the death of 846, and the injuries of over 6,000 ; there were also many, many arrested due to the 90 police stations involved. These protest lasted 2 weeks and 3 days ending on February 11, 2011.

They Were Sick and Tired Of It All!


  • Police Brutality
  • State of Emergency Laws
  • Electoral Fraud
  • Political Censorship
  • Widespread corruption
  • High Unemployment
  • Food Price Inflation
  • Low Minimum Wages
  • And MUCH, MUCH more!

Egyptian Security Force V.S. The Muslim Brother Hood

Each group wanted two totally different things. One wanted change and another one wanted everything to stay as it was.

The Egyptian Security Force was mainly the government and the wanted Egypt to stay as it was, seeing nothing wrong, and using brutal force to get it there.

The Muslim Brother Hood was basically the civilians and they wanted change. They wanted to have there freedoms that they felt every human being deserved to have and they wouldn't stop until that happened even through the threat of death daily. They won due to there stubburness and many supporters

Whats the Outcome

The rebellion was a success for the Muslim Brotherhood. They got what they wanted, a new government, there rights and peace (for a little while).The government lost and had to give up there will and surrender what the civilians wanted to them, they were overpowered and they knew it. Because of the civilians Egypt was changed forever and so was history in the way that they think is best. It may have been a long fight with much blood and death, but they feel it was worth it for their freedoms now and their children's later

Long Term Effects

There were many long term effects. Not everyone always got along and there still were little 'wars' but not ones nearly as bloodshed as this. Many people gained back their rights, and everyone gained a new government, these should be very long lasting effects.

Whats Happening Now?

This war did lead to future conflict, which is actually what is going on now. The only difference is this conflict is over religion and not government. The Muslim Brotherhood wants all Egyptians to become Muslim. This is called a Theocratic Revolution. This has happened in a number of countries even ones with this high of a number of Christians. This is resulting in the conservation of the Muslim Brotherhood's rise to power. The Muslim Brotherhood is a transnational Islamic Political Movement is now the largest political opposition party in many Arab states, especially Egypt.