Million Words Competition

Booth Elementary School

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Encourage friendly competition among your students by seeing who can read one million words first. If you are using the Accelerated Reader program, word count is already done for you! Currently, the upper grades are competing among each other to see which class can reach one million words first. The first class to reach one million words will receive a reward. At the end of the year, all students who reach one million words will be eligible to attend the "Million Words Party" in which we will Skype with an author and of course, have snacks!

Teachers, feel free to join in on the competition, too! By participating, you can only HELP instill a love of reading into your students! Additionally, there will be an article about this in the March edition of the Booth Buzz. I would love if student reporters could interview you and your students about this! If you plan on participating, please fill out this Google Form.

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But, what do the students think?

"I really like the Million Words Competition because you are competing against other classes. I think this helps me read because we are competing against other classes and I want to help our class win, and it's really fun having to read and take a test over the book you read and see how many words you get."

- Sarah Wimer, 7th grade

"I like the Million Words Competition. It helps us read more every day, and it helps us learn how to read better and bigger words."

- Austin Carlson, 5th Grade

Calculating Word Count

  1. Sign into AR
  2. Click Accelerated Reader
  3. Click reports and click Reading Practice
  4. At the very bottom, it will say "Word Count" giving you individual and total word count.

Current Word Scores as of 12/4

5th Grade: 167,601

6th Grade: 132,157

7th Grade: 179,614

8th Grade: 443,000