Mercy Peek & Ponder

Faculty/Staff Edition Sunday, December 6, 2015


Weekly Reflection: Second Week of Advent

We prepare this week by stepping up the longing. We move through this week by naming deeper and more specific prayerful intentions.

Each morning this week, if even for that brief moment at the beginning of the day or at the beginning class, we want to light a second inner candle. We want to let it represent “a bit more hope.” Perhaps we can pause, breathe deeply and say with our students,

Lord, I place my trust in you.

Each day this week, as we encounter times that are rushed, even crazy, we can take that deep breath, and make that profound prayer. Each time we face some darkness, some experience of “parched land” or desert, some place where we feel “defeated” or “trapped,” we hear the words, “Our God will come to save us!”

The grace we desire for this week is to be able to hear the promise and to invite our God to come into those real places of our lives that dearly need God's coming. We want to be able to say:

Lord, I place my trust in your promise. Please, Lord, rouse your power and come into this place in my life, this relationship, into this deep self-defeating pattern. Please come here and save me.


Prayer at Our Lady of Mercy is essential for the spiritual growth and personal well-being of our students, in addition to the faculty/staff. God does not intend for us to bear our crosses alone. In Matthew 11:28-30 Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart; and you will find rest for yourselves. For my yoke is easy, and my burden light.”

As always, it is necessary to have structured prayer time every day. And I know how busy we all are during the school day. It is imperative that during morning prayer in the gym, noontime prayers, dismissal, and other times of prayer, that we create the appropriate climate for a few minutes of prayer. We do this by insisting on our students' reverence and attention AND by modeling good prayerful behavior ourselves. To remember the time to share with God, setting a routine of prayer and remaining disciplined in that routine can help all of us continue to bring our MISSION to life.

Christmas Tableau: 12/17/2015 at 7PM

Practice Schedule for the Christmas Tableau:

12/11/2015: 1:15PM - 8th Grade

12/16/2015: 1:15PM - Entire School

While practicing, please actively encourage your students to participate.


There will be a music assembly for grades 3 to 5 on Monday, December 7th during 5th Period (1:05PM to 2PM) in the cafeteria. Grades 4/5 will remain after lunch. Thanks!

Santa Secret Shop

Santa Secret Shop will be in operation on the stage in the cafeteria on Tuesday, 12/08, Wednesday, 12/09, and Thursday, 12/1. Please adhere to your schedule.

End of First Trimester & Grades

All grades are due in MSP by 3PM on 12/11/2015. If you are ready early, please inform Renee. Thanks! I will be distributing report cards on Tuesday, 12/15.


Go Noodle is a website that helps students channel their physical and emotional energy for good. Think of it as a Brain Break for your students and as we know encouraging students to relax and become "mindful" has a dramatic positive impact on their education. Please sign up (for free) at and get acquainted with the site. I want this to be a part of the program at OLM - starting in January 2016. What that means is finding time during the day - first thing in the morning - beginning of a class - right before recess - right after lunch - and my favorite - the 6th Period Stretch., etc. (about three times total) So many of our students need this program and it literally takes mere minutes. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation with this most important program.

Annual Catechist Convention - 03/05/2016

Please complete your registration form for the Catechist Convocation and return to Linda Tonelli by 12/18.

This event is your yearly update for those with certification (if needed) and counts for one elective for those where religion certification remains a goal. Religion certification is mandated by year seven of teaching in an Archdiocesan school.

Catholic Apps for iPads & Additional Information

XT3 app is a marvelous companion for the liturgical seasons of Advent & Lent. This free app provides the user with a calendar to keep track of one's progress during these holy seasons. The app also offers a reflection for each day to assist the faithful in maintaining a more prayerful attitude during these holy seasons.

The Catholic Social Teaching app is a wonderful resource for all Catholics, who desire to deepen their knowledge of the Catholic understanding of service to others. Teachers of young people preparing for Confirmation or students fulfilling service learning requirements will find this app very helpful, since it contains Church documents and articles about his topic.

Teachers, please keep in mind that the use of technology is not optional - it is a professional expectation in education. Absent tech problems/issues, technology should be used in a variety of strategic ways - and deliberately planned. If you are uncomfortable in the technology world or with a specific piece of technology, it is incumbent upon you to seek professional development in that area. For example, if you are unsure of the uses, benefits, or practical application of Apple TV - do some research online, watch some videos.... Technology is here to stay - and it has impressive results on student achievement and success.