Alexander graham bell

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childhod and eraly life

Born on March 3,Edinburgh,Scootland had 2 sons and dautgers.


  • talking in his phone from californa to new york
  • he invented the telephone in 1910
  • he did it because he doesn't want to click in the telegraph all day

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Bells famliy

.Bell had a wife and four chidren two of them died
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Importand events

one important event is when he invented the telephone

can speak 300 miles away in the telephone (new york to californa

fun facts

Death of alexander graham bell

University of edinbrugh,scootland

both wife and alexander graham bell were deaf


I leanrd why the telephon was important because if alexander graham bell didnt invant the

telephon we would have to learn a differant languag from the morse code where you press

keysto send a message to people and rhe telephone just speak in the telephone it is the same languag when you speak in it