Netflix Canada


A Review Of Netflix Canada

Netflix, The American Online On-Demand Video Streaming Giant crossed the border into Canada on September 22nd of 2010 trying to take advantage of the largely untapped online TV and Movie streaming market. While Netflix Canada, for your moment, will never be offering its flat rate online DVD-video and Blu-ray Disc rental service as in america, it really is bringing a top-notch quality video streaming company to Canadians...but could it be enough to alter the way you rent, watch and buy the most popular TV Movies and episodes?

Initially when i first heard that Netflix was arriving at Canada, I had been pretty excited. I watch lots of movies, mostly on my own laptop after everybody else went to sleep, and the idea of having the ability to watch a variety of movies online anytime for under the price of 2 movie rentals monthly sounded very good for me. When Netflix Canada finally did open for business, I had been a bit disappointed from the initial reviews pointing to some limited choice of movies and television episodes and, consequently, postpone checking out their service. I'd basically overlooked it until one night a few weeks ago once i found myself without having a movie to decided and watch to provide Netflix a try. For $7.99 monthly for unlimited online TV and web-based movies, what did We have to get rid of? is the fact that I didn't register sooner!

How exactly does Netflix Canada accumulate?

Let's discuss their selection first, to ensure that we are able to have that taken care of! Netflix Canada currently provides a catalogue of the tad over 7000 titles, including movies in addition to some (focus on some) seasons of popular Television shows. When they have some fairly new releases, generally, Netflix's movie offerings include some blockbusters from the recent years, a couple of classics (Clint Eastwood, John Wayne) along with a healthy mixture of less popular titles.

In comparison to the 100000 movie titles available on the web to American Netflix subscribers, it's not quite the mammoth selection I had been longing for. Apparently, everything comes down to licensing issues plus some legal red tape. I assume, however, that Netflix is focused on its Netflix Canada subscribers and they is going to be adding thousands more for their catalog because the year unfolds. This past week, they've added several popular TV series full seasons and i also expect (hope) exactly the same may happen around the movie front.

Personally, I'm not what type to rush out and rent the most recent releases. I really like to try and explore out different movies and see some old favorites over and over again (some I've seen ten times or even more), in which, Netflix Canada has shown to be a little treasure trove but when you have to find out the most recent releases because they become available, Netflix, a minimum of for now, might not be for you personally. Perhaps Pay Per Vu at $4-$7 a try or perhaps your local video store continues to be the best choice.

If, like myself, you discover yourself renting movies many times each week or buying DVDs once in awhile, you owe it to you to ultimately give Netflix Canada a shot. At $7.99 monthly, I'll be saving plenty of cash on late fees alone as well as the ease of lacking to operate to the shop is actually nice. I've been trying it for any little over 2 weeks and also have watched about 20 movies since i have first registered.