By: Dasia Williams 0 Hr

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What is "Daysha"?

"Daysha" is the world's most beautiful & wonderful that has been discovered by mankind.

The symbol can be found to your right of the screen

Atomic Mass: To Much

Occurrence: Highly concentrated in the Dallas area Extremely low quantities anywhere outside of Texas

Discoverers: Jesus, Gynecologist

Physical & Chemical Properties of "Daysha"

Physical Properties

1 .Surface Properties

  • Long, black hair
  • Long eyelashes
  • Brown Eyes
  • Medium shaped nose
  • Thin top lip
  • Small almond shaped eyes
2. Boils when... Rude/Inconsiderate people are around, or when something upsets her

3. Melts if... Rainwater or unsuspected substances land on her

4. Can cause the urge to love her forever if she spots you.

5. She can be found

a. Sad when...others are sad or she is very disappointed in herself

b. Happy when...there's food, attractive weather, and when she's had 10 hours of sleep

6. Becomes stubborn and unyielding when she's disrupted or sleepy

Chemical Properties

1. Is repelled by bugs, scary tall people, and the dark

2. Is attracted to nice smelling people, tall people, FOOD, and soft things

3. May explode spontaneously when annoyed or irritated to the max

4. Requires copious amounts of Netflix, food, hugs, smiles, sleep

5. Is inert if put under peer pressure, or is asked to play very difficult music

6. Will repel something tries to hurt those she cares about

7. Is impervious to lobsters, spicy foods, and certain health drinks