If a man neglects education, he walks lame to his end time


Plato is saying that if men think education is a waste of time, then he will wander around the world blind until his death. A man that is unwilling to explore and discover things in his lifetime, then will live in the darkness. This idea from Plato is very similar to his writing of the Allgory of the Cave. Plato understands the importance of education because he himself attended the academy of Athens and was a apprentice of Socrates. Thus his belief to understand the worlds and how it functions.

Ancient Greece

In Ancient Greece, education was for the wealthy and powerful, and many would use this knowledge to become politicians or philosophers. Having a poor uneducated government is just waiting to turn into a disaster, such as an anarchy where laws and rules are completely ignored. A City State won't last long with a weak and ignorant leader that is unqualified to lead the people. It also relates to a saying "stop to smell the roses" where taking in the world around you than just walk right past it. Plato teaches us that education is above all else in life.


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