Azores Island


The name of my country is Azores Island the island is located in the Pacific Ocean near South America. The absolute location is 0 degrees and 120 degrees west


My country's Government would be a democracy so that we can see what everybody feels about something we do and our government would be limited so we don't have full control of every thing and do what ever we wanted to do


Capitalism would be the kind of economy I would have so that people can have their own businesses and have some of there own choices to do there own thing.also it is a developing country so that it will be more natural instead of building every where and everything is not done for you. Most people will make most money by doing manufacturing so that people can get goods from other places,and we would import tools and food to help form the country and export kinds of fruits and kind of food.


Our country was formed because peope wanted there own freedom so that they didn't have to follow unreasonable rules that people made and then established there own country.It was established in 1972 (1900s)