Healthy Ways to Visit the Sick!!

Do it the right way!

Who should I visit

If you are the person's close friend or relative then you should visit them right away,if you know the person but you are distant to them then you should wait 3 days. If you are the sick person's enemy DO NOT VISIT THEM!!

When I'm with the sick person, what should I be doing

I would definitely not want to visit someone sick if I knew it would be awkward. That's why there are things you are actually supposed to do when you are with them so it doesn't become awkward:). The mitzvah of visiting the sick doesn't count unless you daven. Also, Hashem's Shchinah is right above the sick person, so its a great time to daven for them. Since Hashems Shchinah is right above the sick person you don't want to sit on a chair if they are on the floor.
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I always wanted to know the right time to visit the sick...

Well, since you asked... you should not visit the sick the first two hours of the day because thats when they actually look the best and you will think that you shouldn't daven for them.You shouldn't visit them the last two hours of the day because thats when they look the worst so you just give up hope for them and don't daven. So when should I visit them... you should visit them in the middle of the day beacuse they look bad so you would want to daven for them but not so bad that you give up hope.

How should I daven for the sick

You can daven in any language because when the presence of Hashem is in front of you He will take prayers of any language.

Menachem Avel vs. Visit the sick

If you have time to do both then you should first visit the sick because the person sitting shiva has a whole week but you don't know what will happen to the sick person, if you don't have time to do both then you should be Menachem Avel because you get a mitzvah for doing Chesed for the dead and the alive.
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should I daven for a sick person on Shabbos??

You are not allowed to daven for a sick person on Shabbos but you should have faith that they will get better.

Bituim spot

שבת היא מלזעוק, ורפואה קרובה לבוא-Shabbos is loud and health is very close to come

השכינה למעלה מראשותיו של חולה-Hashem's presence is above the head of a sick person

מה הוא-אף אתה-What Hashem does- we should do

דרכי שלום- The path of peace