News From Room 4

April 20, 2018

What will be learning/doing Next Week:

* Language Arts Unit 5: Week 4- There are four seasons: spring, summer, fall, winter

- Vocabulary: outline, wondered, season, increase, blaze, scorch, observe

- Grammar/Mechanics: synonyms and antonyms

Spelling Words: cow, how, mouse, mouth, out, town, brown, cloud, born, fork, fall, sure

- Skill: Sequence: First, Next, Then, After That, Finally

Important things

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Water Bottles

Ocean Week - Water Bottle Collection

Ms. Armstrong needs students to start collecting water bottles now for our Chihuly inspired Ocean Week art sculpture, which will debut at the end of May during Ocean Week. The more bottles we collect, the larger the sculpture will be! This sculpture will reflect Ocean habitat and emphasize conservation - part of our Ocean Week studies.

Recycled water bottles may be dropped off in bins located near the front entrance.

Please only bring clean, flexible plastic water bottles. The thicker Gatorade type will be too hard to work with.

Questions? Please contact Tiffany Henkel, Ocean Week Chair, at


Retells from our weekly story, Happy Fall




Math Talks

Students solved math problems around the room then we shared our strategies with the class.

Thanks Joshua!

A HUGE thank you to Joshua and his family for sending in a generous about of thick and think pens. We love using the new, bright colors and have been working hard on keeping them all organized.
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Students shared their adjectives bags. We guessed a few items, thanks for sending them in!

San Diego Fair

We met a few animals who will be at the San Diego Fair. A booklet went home in the Friday folder. On the back students can read 10 books and get a free ticket.

Synonyms and Antonyms

Bunny Brunch

The First graders found little toys, hidden by our 4th grade buddies all around the garden. Then we ate the delicious food while picnicking and listening to a bunny book.

Earth Day

We learned how to help our world, this Sunday is Earth day. With the help of our 4th grade buddies we made public service announcements about ways we can help the earth. Next week we will view them and choose a few to share.
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Happy Birthday Bruno

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Upcoming Events:

April 27th - Book Club

May 14th First Grade Performance in the FAB


Christy Campbell