Alien Outreach

PsyEvolutions Local Produce Presents: ALIEN OUTREACH

PsyEvolutions Local Produce Presents:


Saturday 16th To Sunday 17th Of May 2015

Attention all space cadets: It’s time to put on your moon boots and space helmets and get out your favourite alien costume or human suit as we rediscover and embrace our inner Martian and try and make positive contact.

Alien Outreach is the next installment for 2015, this side project is presented by Local Produce. This ever-evolving concept is gearing up into a new level of interplanetary exploration. A daring fun party theme that is out of this world, adding to our next installation of mind-altering electronica.

Let's explore through an array of intergalactic frequencies as Local Produce brings the aliens to the yard with its homemade formula of interstellar music that is sure to get you stomping as we get ready for some alien contact and experience new ways to connect with the unknown. This alien themed dress-up party comes complete with space age laser technology that would be sure to keep NASA’s satellites on their toes.

Check out our UFO stage with its spectacular visual and lighting array to help welcome everyone to a very special dance floor space and indulge you with yet another next level PsyEvolutions event that will launch us into infinity and beyond.

Grouch - (Zenon Records)

Interpulse - (Open Records)

jigsAw - (Sundance Records)

Tristan Boyle - (Zenon Records)

Psilosquad - (PsyEvolutions)

CyKe vs Dirge - (Terror Lab Industries)

Pakman - (24/7 Records)

Ionic Harmony - (Orbital Catastrophe Records)

Phase7 - (Doesn’T Matter)

Mental Extensions - (Up Records)

MeatAxe - (Adapted Records)

Mc Culkin - (Mc Culkin)

Smeagol - (FoolProof)

The Goblinn Project - (PsyEvolutions)

Mindhertz - (PsyEvolutions)

Twisted Molecule - (Orbital Catastrophe Records)

Wasabi - (ACollectiveFuture)

Instant Alien - (Highly Evolved Music)

Disc-Oh - (PsyEvolutions)

Knarrl. - (Horse Power Productions)

HarryBlotter - (Highly Evolved Music)

Λncient Λrchitect - (Universal Tribe Records)

Jubz vs Juiced - (PsyEvolutions)

Autopsy - (Kaos Krew Records)

Digital Synapsys - (Sundance Records)

Blueprint - (PsyEvolutions)

-More To Be Announced-

Located Outdoors In The Victorian Bush

Email for directions which will be released close to the date of the event.

All volunteer, decor and market stall applications can be sent to

Gate price will be $85+

Area 51 Carpooling event page:

Local Produce

Local Produce

PsyEvolutions Local Produce Presents: ALIEN OUTREACH

Hi guys Local Produce is back at it again and ready to kick start 2015
THANKS to the audience, artists, performers and organisers. THANKS for all the overwhelming respect and gratitude from you guys which makes local such a spectacular event.
Our goal is to keep encouraging LP’s ever-amazing audience to continue showing and expressing an abundance of love and support that fuels & inspires Australian local Producers & Deejays to keep up their techniques that keeps Australian music recognised internationally.

Local Produce with an array of world class outdoor electronic music producers, artists and DJ’s. A night in the Australian outdoors with next level sounds and spectacular visual delights! PsyEvolutions is dedicated to supporting Local talent and providing an area of artistic expression for all, a chance to connect with people as friends and to reinforce the on-going support for our multicultural home grown talent. As well as providing a space for these artist’s to express themselves, connect and help each other’s artistic talent evolve and grow. From well-known internationally signed artists and DJ’s, to up and coming Live Producers, Along with the overwhelming respect and encouragement from the ever-amazing doof Community, we gather once again to provide you all with another world class production set to blow your socks off. Line up, ticket info and more details to be announced soon, so stay tuned.