Common Core

Task Three

Has moving to CCSS been challenging or easy for you?

My mentor teacher explained to me that common core is very new to her especially because this is her first year teaching second grade, she had always taught kindergarten. Mostly reading and mathematics have been drastically changed, but more so in math, where they explore, discover, and facilitate. It is a struggle in the title one schools because group work is heavily involved, and a lot of the children don't have a ton of experience with that.

Do you have Professional Development in regards to the Common Core? What kind?

Some trainings have been offered but mostly for math. For reading, the reading specialist have been versed in it, and are relaying the word. Reading is still trying to combine the county and common core standards together, however math has been 100% integrated. Teachers are being fully immersed in the common core standards for math, with professional development meetings every other week. Most of the learning for reading instruction is done during the team planning.

What resources do you find helpful?

  • Teammates
  • Guides that assist
  • Playing games
  • Resources books
  • Website

How Common Core has been seen at Joppatowne Elementary

Although my mentor teacher has stated that common core is not as obvious in reading as it is in math, it is seen in math. When students begin their word work lessons, they first discover the words before being explicitly told them. They may do this by unscrambling the words, or deciphering the phonics patterns themselves. After this they got some practice using the words, and then are explicitly taught the words. Word work is also taught using stations where students are discovering new things about words on their own, and collaboratively. Common core can be seen in CSI as well. The units are based around a theme, for example the second grade's CSI unit theme right now is being reliable. Before beginning the unit and reading texts that had to do with this, students were to discover what being reliable meant. Students are multiple texts that are covering a wide variety of common core objectives as well.