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Lincoln's Death: A Conspiracy Or Not?

Booth Single Handedly Planned and Initiated Lincoln's Assassination

When John Wilkes Booth went to get his mail form Ford's Theatre, he heard a message that President Lincoln would be attending a play that night. This is when he started his plan. He gathered all of the others involved with this assassination plan, including David Herold, Lewis Powell and George Atzerodt. Not is this proof that Booth assassinated Lincoln, he was also the 2nd youngest out of 10 siblings. He was always trying to compete with his other siblings, and the assassination could have been a way to prove himself. He had a diary filled with evidence of jealousy towards his siblings, and his accomplice, Samuel Arnold, wrote in his book about Booth as well. He says, "He [Booth] became a monomaniac on the success of the confederate arms! a condition which generally follows when a man's thoughts are centered upon one subject alone." This subject was Lincoln.

On The Other Hand...

People have said that Booth could not have formed this whole plan with such short notice, but he had planned another kidnapping attempt for Lincoln. He was still in contact with all of his accomplises from this former scheme, so he was able to form a plan within a shorter amount of time. Another counterclaim is that the entire Confederacy was angry at Lincoln and that one person could not have been the only one to take action. However, the confederacy had only lost the war on April 9th, 1865, a short 5 days before Lincoln's assassination. Booth, seeing the opportunity he had at Ford's Theatre, took action before the rest of the Confederacy could.

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