Summer Vacation

Phillidelohia, New Jersy, New York, Baltimore, Virgina

Favorite Vacation πŸŒΊπŸ‘™πŸŒ΄

My favorite vacation was when we flew to Philadelphia. We didn't stay in Philidelphia. We drove to New Jersy to my cousins house. The next day we drove to New York, New York. New York was really pretty and interesting sights. After we went to New York, we drove back to Philidelphia to attend the Taylor Swift concert. We had a blast! My cousins and I got to be on the jumbo screen. That night we drove back to New Jersy.

Best Summer!

In the morning we we drove to Baltimore. We picked up more of my cousins. Our aunt drove us all to Virgina where we spent the night. We stayed up all night singing and dancing to the music. We had an awesome time! In the moring we went jetsking, tubing, swimming and fishing. We chased fireflies and crickets. After we swam for more then tree hours we finally got out of the water. We all got cleaned and dressed. The next day we were diving for clams. We had the best time ever. It began to rain so we went inside. While we were inside we made music videos and skits. When it stopped raining we went fishing. We caught crabs and fishes. We tried to cook them but there were bad. It was almost time to go. We packed up ready and set. We didn't want to go yet. We said our good byes. When we all got home we video chatted for hours. We planed that next summer was going to be just as good as this year.