Weekly Launch

April 23-27

Announcements/ Reminders

Only 27 1/2 days left! Please think about the marbles you have left in your jar. Have you taken the opportunity to be the difference in a student's life? It is so easy to get caught up in the stress of the end of the year. Don't forget to celebrate the successes of your students. Enjoy your time with your students and make lots of memories with them in the time you have left with them.

Suzi and I will be posting our summative sign up sheets soon. Be sure to think about your goals and your professional learning from this year. We love getting to spend a little time talking about your year!

Important Dates

April 23-Discovery Dome-all week

Administrative Assistant's Week


April 24-Jen B out all day

4th grade field trip


April 25-

Faculty Meeting

April 26-

April 27-Freddy's Spirit NIght

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Tenacity

Word of the Month-GRIT

Morning Announcements-Bach

Big picture

Word of the Week-Event

Compliment Corner

Compliment for Nancy Kramer-She organized our team HERO project and made sure everything was delivered to the Periwinkle Foundation-Christine Wagner

Compliment for Lora Steiger-She made a really cute bulletin board with me. The kids LOVE bragging on things they notice their friends doing during the day.-Stephanie Hirsch

Compliment for Michele Radler-She arranged our Spring field trip and has walked me through the entire process. She is so patient and answers ALL my questions no matter how many times I forget!-Stephanie Hirsch

Compliment for Mrs. Raj-She brought us a fan when we were testing in the computer lab AND she offered to help with 4th grade basic transcribing on the writing STAAR during her conference period(after testing all day herself!)-Pamela Baggett

Compliment for McIntyre, Steiger, Patterson, Neyland, Matthew and Chancey-They immediately, generously and graciously rescheduled their computer lab times for some STAAR online practice groups-after already dealing with TELPAS closures for weeks!-Pamela Baggett

Shout Outs!

Shout out to Marti Chandler for another great Choir Concert!

Shout out to the Kinder, 1st and 2nd grade teachers who opened their classroom for Laura Adlis' visit! She had many great things to say about the work you are doing in your classrooms!

Shout out to Karla Skeen for being willing to help out with a student on the first grade field trip!