Literary Paradise

Where Knowlege Awaits

Reason for Creation

We are creating this "booktopia" because we want to be free to read what we want without censorship or limitations. Many people in history said "knowledge is power" and with knowledge we reallly can accomplish anything.
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American Dream

The American Dream is all about having opportunities. Within our Literary Paradise you will have all the opportunities you could ask for, and with knowledge, the world is full of open doors.
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Comparison to Fahrenheit 451

There are more differences than similarities with our utopia and the utopia in Fahrenheit 451. We encourage reading and learning while In F451 they prevent learning and curiosity and prefer that people stay ignorant. Although, with either utopia there is a certain amount of control.
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Potential Problem

Although our Utopia is seemingly perfect and problem free, there is a possibility that people can become too smart and want to know more than others and try and take over. Also, people could possibly get cocky and selfish about their knowledge and believe there are better than everyone.