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Dear Parents,

Have you ever wondered what do sea turtles do or eat while they swim in the ocean? Well this week we talked about this magnificent creature. We discussed in small groups the different parts of the sea turtle and the importance they have. This is an animal that can tell us all about the evolution of our world, so preserving its environment will allow us to learn so much more about our history. Talk with your child about the different ways that we can help this amazing habitat.

Morning Routines

Do you know the different body parts of the sea turtle?

In small groups, students had to build a sea turtle and identify the different body parts.

Mr. Squiggle

Mr. Squiggle is missing it's eight legs so the class needs to help him connect them. We practiced counting and relating numbers to their quantities with this fun and entertaining activity.

Do you know how long is a blue whale?

On Wednesday we went to the parking lot to count 100 feet so that we knew how long a blue whale can be. Even with all PK 3 students standing on top of the line, we didn't reach the 100 feet.

Which is your favorite ocean animal?

With a simple tally chart, we can get so much information regarding our kids interest. This week we asked them to tell us which is their favorite ocean animal. The shark had the most tallies at the end.

Ocean Walk

We had so much fun with this game. When the ocean sounds where playing, all the kids had to swim or walk like the animal that I showed them. They crawled like a crab, swam like a sea turtle, wiggled like an octopus, puffed their cheeks like a puffer fish and snapped their claws like a lobster.

Choice Time

Listening Center

We played a recorded instructing the student to classify the different fish according to the color.

How many fish are in the ocean?

We practiced Identifying numbers and counting in the play dough center. Students had to make small fish to place in the ocean. The amount depended on what it said in the top.


"One Tiny Turtle" by: Nicola Davies

This week we had the opportunity to go to the Library and see the story of a Little Turtle and it's journey. We watched the video and then went to look at some books.


  • We have received so much recycled material for the crafts! I want to thank all of you for helping us compile this much. For one of our activities, we will need egg cartons, so if you have any extras at home that you can send, we would be happy to receive them.
  • Tomorrow Saturday ISP will have out annual PTA Fun Fair. I hope all of you can make it.
  • The Technology Showcase will be this upcoming Wednesday March 25th in the High School Cafeteria. We invite all to come and see how we use technology in the class.
  • School will be classes from the 30th of March until the 3rd of April. School will resume on the 6th of April.

Coming Soon

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