The Lync 2013 Web App

Connect to any Win7/8 or Mac machine or mobile device

What does it do?

Step 2: Press the Office365 button

Step 3: Press the calendar button

Step 4: Click New Event

Step 5: Enter teachers (Mr./Ms. Lastname) or students (First Lastname) or an external email. ( Then press 'Online Meeting'

Step 6: Press the Send Button

Step 7: On a person's device with the Lync 2013 app installed a new meeting appears and can be entered...

Video can then be broadcast (some devices require you to hit the camera icon to start sending video)

If you are using the device as a doc cam you should mute the microphone to prevent any audio feedback

Step 8: On the PC click on the meeting entry and hit "Join Meeting"

Users external to the board invited via email will receive this link in an email message. They may have to install a plugin if asked.

NOTE: The Lync Web-App requires Win7/8 or a Mac machine to broadcast/receive video.

Up to 250 people can attend 1 meeting, with 5 people simultaneously broadcasting video