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Business Continuity Why is business continuity ( the ) most important ? Achieving and maintaining financial stability depends on the proper functioning of the financial payment and settlement systems. Another financial market integration and communication between systems ( contamination risk ) and the risk of global exports ( domino effect ) annavimarkalai favor of a system.

Considered important for the borrower company, or experiencing downtime caused by the financial stability of the entire banking system was affected, for example, the equipment, rigging, power disruptions operation of natural disasters, difficulties and / or failures to abuse.

What is Business Continuity ? Agreed to work at UPS queue management application is operating at a minimum level of operations. Motto The purpose of a business continuity management system established service levels are met even in the event that interrupts normal operation to be assured.

Principles of Business Continuity These procedures ensure that the process of settlement of the main functions of the criticality of these functions, systems administrators need to be identified priorities in the allocation process. Clearly defined objectives envisaged to ensure business continuity systems and clearing queue management application up all the activities covered, all views, to ensure the resumption of the settlement day of the main activities and expected recovery purpose.

Appropriate, the participants and the infrastructure to provide services major disasters ( earthquakes, floods and fires ), supply issues, including the plausible scenarios, multi- service to ensure continuity of programs have to offer, where the system administrator and, in a wider area, and queue management application terrorist attacks, strikes, local includes power supply and external fraud and mismanagement or failure.

This scenario analysis and assessing the likelihood that they queue management application exhibit, and the system in which financial or operational impact analysis ( BIA ), the impact will be documented regularly.

Processing systems to ensure business continuity plans should include at least one of the two places. Business continuity facilities of all participants are considered crucial to system participants, should be checked at regular intervals during the second location to a location system administrators / second -to- day operations should be taken into consideration queue management application.

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The business continuity plan of queue management

System control and management of PC operators, employees for all employees other than the functional or operational measures taken to avoid a major business impact analysis to identify and date the same place at the same time.

Payment systems are the queue management application main functions of the network 's executives to achieve total occlusion alternative procedures / emergency legislation and the bilateral arrangements to establish T & C Considered the risk of technical failure of the project.

System operators during crises, crisis management and crisis management teams need to establish procedures are formalized and structured internal and external communications. Information exchange and communication are essential during emergencies.

Reviews ( operational and crisis management responsibility for two ), the services / functions, authorities and providers at least the participants ' criticism is seen as vital contact lists their secondary offices, communications infrastructure, including, renewed and research as well as the headquarters of the two available, the second should be.

Each party involved in the business continuity queue management application plan based on clear and accurate information and test secure communication systems, using flows within and outside the company, to communicate effectively. All elements of business continuity plans should be tested regularly, this testing method and who may be affected or queue management application will affect these arrangements should involve the participation of any party.

The cost of business continuity plans, and also in queue management application terms of achieving the revised periodically tested to ensure that it will be useful, a key component of business continuity management. ANAGEMENT customer flow ( Customer Flow Management - CFM ) they need to serve clients from initial contact to run your company, and you can experience them, refers primarily to manage, and obtain needed services, ideas, get their opinions.

Learning using CFM systems to reduce waiting time and queue management application actual waiting times, increase customer satisfaction and staff. Also, CFM creates a relaxed atmosphere and, most important clients, establish a limited and reasonable wait. CFM systems, including the way they worked by employees, your customers ' behavior can create the data.

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